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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Why Plants Are The New Age Corporate Gifts?

A famous Greek proverb goes: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

This proverb holds deep thoughts about sustainable development. The planet is in a danger with high rise in pollution, population, and technology which is challenging the way mother nature perform. Being the responsible citizens, each one and everyone must come forward with a motive of making this earth a better place for the future generation. In this current scenario, the big corporate houses have taken green gifting to a new level which is a great step. This green gifting approach is working like a revolution in the field of gifting. Many corporate offices even have a green theme as their office décor too.

Why Green Plants Are Gifted By Corporate Firms?

  1. By bringing more green plants to the office interior or by gifting green plants to clients, customers, or employees, a corporate firm can contribute directly in sustaining the environment.
  2. By adopting green plants as corporate gifts, a corporate house can get the tag of “an ecologically and socially responsible” firm which is really commendable.
  3. When a green plant is picked up as a corporate gift, somehow it helps employees, customers, or clients to connect with the socially responsible side of the brand which in turn creates a great brand recall.
  4. Another big reason behind opting for green gifting is that, they help in reducing the pollutants from indoor and outdoor air.
  5. Green plants add much aesthetic beauty to the interiors and studies have also revealed that it helps in calming down the mind and clearing depression or anxiety.
  6. Green Plants are supposedly the best ones because they are living beings unlike most other gifts.

You can easily get indoor plants online from any online gift shop where you would come across a large variety of plants like air purifying plants, cactus and succulents plants, foliage plants, lucky plants, outdoor plants, flowering plants, etc.

Know Which Occasions Are Best for Sending Plants as Corporate Gifts

  1. Annual Day:

Many corporate firms have the tradition of planting a tree on their Annual Day because plants are symbolic of growth and development. This time, along with that tradition, you can hand over, seed packets to all your employees so that along with your office premises, the home of your employees also become greener. For your clients and customers, you can get nice flowering plants and gain their confidence some more.

  1. Birthday:

A birthday is one of the most special days in people’s lives. To surprise your employees on their birthdays, you can place an air-purifying plant like Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Boston Ferns, Areca Palm, or Syngonium on their desk and refine their lives. There cannot be anything nobler than this plant gift.

  1. Christmas:

One of the prime theme colors of Christmas is green. During this festival, people decorate their house and thus a terrarium would be the perfect gift for your clients, customers, or employees. Terrariums are cute round containers generally made of glass in which green plants are grown. Inside the office, these terrariums can be used to decorate the conference room.

  1. New Year:

New Year means new beginnings. Everyone wants to start a new year with a fresh mind, a new approach, and a new zest. To match this zest, a plant would be the perfect gift. During New Year, people greet each other wishing for a good health and good life. Plants assure to remove all the harmful toxins from the atmosphere and thus there cannot be anything greater than plant gifts that would justify the New Year Wish! You can pick up a Money Plant, Jade Plant, or Lucky Bamboo Plant for this special occasion as these plants would also ensure shower of good fortune.

  1. Women’s Day:

Women are the mothers and nature is also referred as a mother. Without women, the society cannot function at all – just the way without plants, the living beings cannot breathe! A perfect Women’s Day gift for all your female employees, clients, or customers would thus be a plant. You can pick up the beautiful foliage plants or bonsai plants to greet the great women. This thoughtful idea would be hugely applauded!

  1. World Environment Day:

5th June is World Environment Day and this day must be celebrated with all your employees, clients, and customers. On this day, many green drives or clean drive programs are initiated by many government and non-government bodies both. You can be different than the rest by celebrating this day at your office premises. Start off the day by planting a new tree and give the unique Dish gardens to your clients, employees, and customers. Dish gardens generally carry more than two or three plants in one broad pot and would be a perfect gift for this special day.

Plants are the providers of fruits, flowers, and most importantly oxygen. Those corporate houses which have still not started this green gifting should now think twice because with plant gifts they can really come closer to people.