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Reasons to Install a Pond Fountain

Ponds can make the perfect addition to almost any residential or commercial landscape. They can come in any shape and size and can be designed to provide both relaxation for human visitors, and resources for beneficial plants and animals. All ponds, no matter the size, have one thing in common: they require adequate aeration in order to remain healthy and beautiful. One popular solution comes in the form of pond fountains. Read on to find out why.

They Decrease Insect Populations

Mosquitoes and other harmful or annoying insects require stagnant water to breed. A pond that does not have sufficient aeration and movement can quickly become overwhelmed with harmful insects. Unfortunately, the proliferation of insect-related health concerns makes this more than a matter of irritation: decreasing insect populations is essential for maintaining health and safety.

They Improve Water Quality on Commercial Properties

Commercial properties often include ponds that are specifically designed to collect parking lot run-off and storm water. These water sources often come with more than their fair share of unwanted dirt, debris, garbage, and other contaminants. As soon as they reach the pond, they begin to degrade the quality of the water. The aquatic bacteria that help to biodegrade the resulting pond sludge require oxygen to do their work. Adding a pond fountain can improve the efficiency of aquatic bacteria, improving water quality and overall ecosystem health even in compromised or contaminated areas.

They Increase Health of Aquatic Animals

If there are any fish living in the pond, they require aeration in order to survive. The oxygen introduced into the water by pond fountains improves aquatic habitats for fish, turtles, and other marine life. It can also encourage the growth of beneficial plants, while simultaneously reducing the amount of algae that is able to grow on the surface of the pond. Algae blooms require sunlight in order to thrive, so keeping populations of this harmful aquatic plant in check is as simple as ensuring that it cannot rest undisturbed on the pond’s surface.

Increased Visual Appeal

Pond fountains lend an element of elegance and refinement to any water feature. While a surface aerator may provide some of the same benefits as a fountain, it simply can’t compete in the realm of aesthetic appeal. Interested in installing a pond fountain? Visit for more information.